Privacy Policy

Ryuji Kuwaki (hereinafter I) will handle the personal information and personally identifiable information that is acquired through the app that I provide as described below. You must agree to these privacy policies in order to use this app. By using this app, you have agreed to these privacy policies.

■Acquisition of Personal Information

I may acquire the following personal information.

・Information that has been registered by customers 

・Information that is acquired through customer inquiries

・App usage data

・Customer device information

・Customer purchase information

■Purposes of Use of Personal Information

I will use the personal information that has been acquired for the following purposes.

・To provide, maintain, and improve the app

・To improve the products that I provide and conduct market research

・To respond to customer inquiries

■Provision of Personal Information

I will not provide personal information to a third party outside of the following instances.

・Instances when approval has been received from the customer

・Instances when information is disclosed in a manner that individuals cannot be identified

・Instances when provision is required by law

■Management of Personal Information

I will thoroughly pursue the lawful and impartial management of personal information.

■Revisions to the Privacy Policies

I may change these privacy policies without prior notice.

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January 2019


RYUJI KUWAKI(以下、私)は、私が提供するアプリケーションにおいて、個人情報、および個人を特定し得る情報に関し、以下に記述した通りに取り扱います。本アプリを利用するにあたって、本プライバシポリシーに同意する必要があります。本アプリを利用した時点で本プライバシーポリシーに同意したものとみなします。